Wimbledon: (Your Wimbledon Treat – Gdicm Style)

I have been telling them on my face book how to eat fresh apples without teeth. To keep the doctor away. Fresh apples, the greener the better, prevent, and will even cure diabetes and cancer. A lot more besides. Asthma Etc. Remember they must be fresh for medicinal purpose. Not frozen. Not cooked, as this destroys the essential acids.

Not the tree of life, but very effective.

Grate them onto a plate, and eat them immediately. They may seem too hard for your old teeth, but they are soft to a grater, and you don’t need any teeth to eat them.

Your treat:

1. One Apple any colour for this purpose. It’s a treat this time. Not medicine. I had a red one last night.
2. Fresh Strawberries.
3. Pouring cream. (Fresh, or as I use, Elm Lea single)

Beats being there any day?

“Excuse me Gordon.”

“Yes Ed?”

“You had two red apples with that last night.”

“Shhhhhh Ed. Don’t tell Sue Barker that. She’ll want some as well”


About gdicm

At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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