Yesterday’s Budget

Yesterday’s Budget:

Much talk in the papers and on the internet these days about rich people having all the wealth.

“Rarely will a rich man enter the kingdom of God.” Unless he makes his money from music sales and rebuilds Elgin Cathedral and goes on a world cruise, and buys his own yacht, and treats all his friends on WordPress and Facebook to a listen to his music at very little cost. Free even.

Ed says: “Get to the point Gordon.”

The point, Ed, is that all the riches in the world are but a drip in the ocean compared to the taxes collected from gainfully employed workers worldwide on a weekly basis. (As far as a Chancellor is concerned) The riches are supposedly long term investments for providing employment. (As far as a Chancellor is concerned) Low wages are a means for rich people to stay in business. (As far as a Chancellor is concerned)

Therefore: George Osborne has gone for taxing the workers.

If he took every penny from the rich in the U.K., as perhaps he should to save their souls, it would not pay all his bills for a month.

Ed says: “He’ll tax you Gordon?”

Gordon says: “I wish. Joseph and Mary, as hard workers, were taxed.”


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