Jehovah’s Witnesses Don’t Believe In God’s Bible

Jehovah’s Witnesses Don’t Believe In God’s Bible:

Speaking to them on the High Street, Elgin just now.

I said “God says that the muslim faith is illegal.”

They said “You’re prejudiced.”

You don’t say. Glad they noticed.

Anyway: I told them my friend Yeshua is going to destroy the muslim faith completely, and they told me that was God’s business, and some of their members were muslims.

I walked away thinking maybe we hadn’t been discussing God’s Bible.

On the subject of muslims joining the witnesses. That is a perfect means for them to emigrate to the west, and take all their relations with them.

So One false Christian witness accompanied by fifty muslims appear here. Yehovahs witnesses do wrong to travel the world as they do. It’s obvious muslims will latch on to them as a means of immigration. Stay in your own nations, but holiday abroad.

God, how could they not notice your / our prejudice before? Have they not read the Bible? When they all become prejudiced, then we get what we need. Your Single Church.


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