How Arab Nations Spread The Money

How Arab Nations Spread The Money:

First they need property dealers who also handle finance in large amounts.

We’ll make up a name for our one. Let’s call him Muhammad Kaleel, because no parent in their right mind would give a son that name. Think what would befall him when Yeshua judges the earth? Instant dismissal to everlasting contempt at best.

The koran Muhammad was a fool.

Then they need a local mosque. Well actually they don’t, but it helps to confuse you. They can go jump in the lake of fire and brimstone now, for they have no hope. Imagine God’s feelings about a mosque amir or treasurer for example. Knowing what he has written in his Bible, and what they have done to his son’s kingdom to date. And his own Jews.

‘Course I have inside knowledge you have not.

Then they need people in every area to front the buying, possessing and passing on of the properties with all the appropriate, and perfectly legal, paper work to the ‘new’ owners. They would mostly be white niggers. Not always? Greed is a terrible illness.

Anyone know of any such Dicey characters around Elgin? Nothing to riches with no apparent reason. Own, or appear to own, a lot of property. Some with planning permission to build when the muslims feel like it. Some just sitting idle, until another muhammud can find a truck to sneak into, to bring him here. Such a front could live the life of Riley I tell you. Just pocket the loot.


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