Why We Must Rip Up The Iraq War Report

Why We Must Rip Up The Iraq War Report:

The Governments much awaited Iraq war report is a for Liberals and muslims only document, which is why it’s never been published.

The war was necessary, and though all the wrong reasons were given for going, what is coming next is essential. All the right reasons will be given. We live and learn, as they say.

Ask any Jew. Ask any proper Christian. Ask me. Ask my friends in heaven. Ask God. We’ll all tell you the same.
Rip it up, and finish the job. Then report that.

What may be the world’s oldest fragments of the Koran have been found by the University of Birmingham. Don’t enter Birmingham if you’re not muslim. You may not leave again alive.

Dr Muhammad I’s a Walley Shut the F**k up.

This leaves Muhammad out then?

It is true that arabs, and their books of fiction, have been a thorn in God’s side since a long time B.C. Moses and Co. had problems with them as we know.
However: Nobody should ever believe anything said or written by a muslim. Their quran teaches them to lie lie lie lie lie, and this is just another lie. Even if it’s true.


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