Why Muhammad Must Sell His Organs

Why Muhammad Must Sell His Own Organs:

He stayed behind in his own muslim nation where he would receive nothing. He had to sell his own kidneys for 70,000 pounds to make ends meet.

So: While his cousins emigrated to here here there there and everywhere where and got sent his nations monies to buy everything in sight, poor Muhammad has to sell his organs, because he’s so poor. (I have no sympathy for you muha ha. Become a Christian and call yourself Christopher or the like)

His cousin, a Doctor Muhammad, who has no qualifications, and doesn’t need any, because his cousins Muhammad run our Health services anyway, makes Christians and Jews so ill they need new kidneys. (Etc) They have to sell their properties to his other cousins, all Muhammads, for the money.

This crime against humanity, and God and you goes way beyond evil. There can only be one outcome.


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