The Tree Of Life Exists

The Tree Of Life Exists:

All my friends on Facebook and I have nearly found the tree of life. Not just a cure for cancer Etc., but a cure for every known illness.

Unfortunately we need more money. Several million pounds, each.

We need donations.

We need to travel round the world, first class always, on luxury cruise ships, with the occasional stay in luxury, and very exotic and expensive places.

We have to do this for a minimum of ten years, because that’s about how long the people who gather money for other primitive cures spend doing the same, before they ask for more money.

We are confident we can find the tree soon after that, but reserve the right to ask for a few more million pounds then, just in case we haven’t looked either. Oooooooops. I mean found it. Either.

Maybe we could buy a cruise ship?

Ed asks: “Can I come Gordon?”

Gordon says: “No. You collect the cash and forward it to all of us Ed. And no pilfering.”

Ed says: “But pilfering from charities is the done thing.”


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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