Illegal Immigrants

Illegal Immigrants:

This idea, which is being considered by some people in very high places, (Government Brainstorming) of shooting a few hundred illegal immigrants and leaving their bodies by the side of the railway to disuade others, is an absolute no no.

I think anyway.

On the subject of muslims.

Many media stories of late have touched on the issue of them having several wives each in Britain. A much ventured talking point at present.

I think, even here in Elgin, this is the case. For one man and his wife, and several ‘relations’ I think it safe to read ‘one man and his ten wives’ and several children.

Actually I know of several such cases, and one that springs to mind is the case of the man and his wife walking along the High Street with three very young women following at a distance. One of the young girls blurted out, “but he’s my husband.” Presume they were talking about obedience.


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