Lack Of Religion

Lack Of Religion?

How many times I have heard that religion is the cause of all strife.


Lack of religion is the cause of all strife. (Why our new Sheriff must declare her religion and sexual beliefs, or go)

Religion is law and order. For example, without it you have young atheist yobs ending up doing life in prison and regretting being born. Not even knowing there is another way. Religion. Or learning it too late. That is why God says I must make it compulsory from birth. To save souls.

The same applies to all strife. There are two kingdoms. Nothing else. God’s and Satan’s. If you think you are in no man’s land think again. You’re not.

Souls are bought by the devil every day, and the price is too high. Those souls can be rescued, but not while our government/s and justice systems, including the police, choose to make money from the chaos, by policing a multi cultural society, which is never going to work. It is pouring souls into prisons worldwide, by the thousands every day, instead of teaching them the laws they should abide by.

God’s laws as given to the Israelites.

It’s a sad fact that religious people can be prosecuted for promoting God’s laws. “From whence cometh wars. Even from your lusts.” You go to war with God trying that.

Europe would go to war with Russia to protect gays and lesbians if it became a real issue, instead of simply telling poofs not to poof, or people not to drive on the wrong side of the roads, or persecute their neighbours just because they feel like doing so, or want their council house, or support another football team,

Or just lack religious instruction.


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