Tesco And Asda

Tesco And Asda:

First I’d like to thank Brian Irvine for inspiring this post. Thanks Brian. (These are not his views. He can write those himself)

Tesco and Asda are suffering a little from David Cameron’s successful policies.

I’ll use my own experience as a guide here.

When I had little money, like so many others, I relied entirely on Tesco’s value ranges. However, now, thanks to Conservative policy and the fact they kept their promises to give us who are genuinely sick, more money, I can shop middle market now.

People really are better off now. Not everyone, but in general.

Middle to upper market is all Lidl and Aldi deal in, if you understand.

For example: Instead of a can of Tesco value baked beans, I can buy the middle market cans. Still not the branded cans as a rule, but better quality none the less.

Tesco and Asda may benefit from still stocking the value brands, but decreasing the quantity, whilst increasing the middle brand by the equivalent amount.

Easy to juggle if they see the need, and easy to put back if required.

When: It’s a choice between middle and upper class branded goods, we’ll really be living it up Brian. Thanks again.


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