My TV Going In The Bin

My TV Going In The Bin:

I watched four hours, and it is worse crap than when I last had one fifteen years ago. Pure evil to be precise. It is little wonder I am surrounded by prostitutes, poofs, thieves, stolen goods fences, killers , , , ,

Whilst I remember: I watched a video call ‘Lucky Number Sleven’. Where the heroes??? took the law into their own hands.

Little wonder journalists get shot. They promote the people who made that illegal tripe. And even making it was illegal.

At the end the pathologist? took off with one of the evil heroes.

That is where I would have reported the whole matter to the police if I were her, and got the Bible John’s of this world locked up, except our Press and Journal, Northern Scott, BBC, STV, like them. Killers always have reasons of their own for killing.

You wonder why you have leaders who promote homosexuality? Poof journalists. I see no reason not to deal with criminals, despite the evil press, and fiction writers.

They would tell you Elton John and Stuart Lipp are not criminals. They are.


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