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My Work

My Work: My Work Page Also: I watched ‘Tears Of The Sun’ with Bruce Willis last night, and that is in the news every day, so it must be, and is, just the way it is, and what your governments … Continue reading

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Strange Experience Last Night

Strange Experience Last Night: Pure coincidence I was watching the ‘Green Zone’ with Matt Damon. Near the end he says “Do you understand what you have done? No-one will trust Americans ever again.” At the same time. In my other … Continue reading

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Gambling – A Brief Study Of

Gambling – A Brief Study Of: All gambling is fixed. No matter what the venue. All sport is fixed by the BBC worldwide. You only have to see the examples. Virginia Wade won Wimbledon 1977? Not a chance. She was … Continue reading

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My Elgin BIDS Form

My Elgin BIDS Form: (Elgin Bids) We are stupidly asked to nominate people who work in their shops. Well here is my hit list of people who I want to see removed. Smiling killers. Alana – Starbucks Lewis Iveta – … Continue reading

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Did They Listen To The Cd’s?

Did They Listen To The Cd’s?: This is what the Brit’s do to all the planet. Stiff upper lip. Take, but never ever give, steal without being seen to, or if they are, they collectively deny it. Ask me why … Continue reading

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Jehovah s Witnesses Nothing But Trouble

Jehovah s Witnesses Nothing But Trouble: Ephesians 4:29 New International Version “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those … Continue reading

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Rap Music Really Is Crap

Rap Music Really Is Crap: I’m reading a book just now called ‘The People Of The Sun‘ by Walton Golightly. It is very unlikely I will finish this book, because ‘the old earth will be forgotten and there will be … Continue reading

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Since I witnessed My Dr. Kill Another Dr.

Since I witnessed My Dr. Kill Another Dr.: I have had no Doctor since. A Cock-and bull reason was given for banning me from Doctors surgeries throughout Grampian, but I have done no wrong. People do not believe that they … Continue reading

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Human Rights

Human Rights: What do they mean? People speak about human rights and have little idea of what they speak of. People collect money for human rights, and have no idea what they are. Human rights are the right to live … Continue reading

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Cheap Housing

Cheap Housing: After the war, and to replace damaged housing, cheap houses called prefabs (Prefabricated) were made in large numbers. There is certainly a case for such housing schemes again, all over Europe, in order to swallow up the floods … Continue reading

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