The NHS Are Gunning For Me Now

The NHS Are Gunning For Me Now:

muslims run the N.H.S.

I’m surprised I’m still alive this day.

However it is a fact that their fast food outlets, and that’s nearly all they do besides the N.H.S., are there solely for the purpose of killing Christians, as instructed in the koran by decree of the false prophet Mu something or other.

Seagulls are even forbidden a carry out now, because they die as well.

On the subject of the book of my previous post once more’The Girl With The Dragon (I hate that dragon) Tattoo’.

Yes: Everything she suffered at the hands of the institutions and the guardians she was forced to accept is true. The system is the same here in the U.K. Stories of sex for signatures from social workers to get the old dss payments used to be an every day item.

This still the case? Democracy is the problem. It simply does not work at any level, except for media and the government.

Still there is ‘Hope’

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