David Cameron Is A Jew, As Am I:

David Cameron Is A Jew, As Am I:

Muslims openly tell anyone who is willing to listen that they hate Jews. Whether they are Doctors or Nurses or any NHS staff, or any other.

Our Queen is a Jew. All Christians are as Jews. That is the whole point of my Friend Christ. To make us as Jews through his name.

When a muslim tells you that he, or she,  hates Jews they know perfectly well that they are saying they hate Christians as well. The koran says “Hate Jews and Christians, because they are friends of each other.”

So the big question is this. Why are they allowed to practice their hate filled false religion based on the words of a crackpot, in Christian nations? We know they hate Christians, and will kill Christians at the drop of a hat. So why?

And why does Britain properly use drones to kill British born Jews in Syria, but refuses to round up and hang the same people at home here? I’d much rather see at least two captured, returned here, sentenced and hung here. Far more effective. You’re making a mockery of us Jewish Christians. muslims don’t rule the U.K. or Europe. Only our National Health Services.

Our lives depend on keeping Europe Christian.


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