What Do We Know About Lucifer?

What Do We Know About Lucifer?: (That Old Devil called sometimes called Keith)

According to the Bible he was created as a serpent in the Garden Of Eden, which as we know was (Or Is) in Assyria. between the sources of the Rivers Tigress and Euphrates. Or near there.

He is given as having been taken up into heaven, and then thrown out again. “Get thou hence” Prince Michael told him. Bright Star of the morning.

We know that he is an acting king (or Queen sometimes) somewhere in the same region, because the Bible tells us so. Is there a King, as such, in places such as Syria or Turkey, where his seat is of course. Pergamum.

Note: A Lot of good people also live there, according to the scriptures. Must be tough for them.

He is expected to take charge of the situation in ISIS held territory. Bible says in other words. I think we can be certain he already has, and always has. muslims are his kingdom after all, and so will remain ’til they become as Jews via Christianity.

Does he live by the tree of life? Is that where he hung his hat? Is it now part of his own garden?



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