Cheap Housing

Cheap Housing:

After the war, and to replace damaged housing, cheap houses called prefabs (Prefabricated) were made in large numbers.

There is certainly a case for such housing schemes again, all over Europe, in order to swallow up the floods of people coming here.

With all the facilities of Gas, Electric, Sewerage extraction, broadband, car parking, individual spacing and a pleasant rural setting, I’d even live there myself. Built on a virgin site of previously rough terrain. Idyllic.

Note: Please don’t block routes for new Bypasses or Rail extensions, which some of those people may well enjoy working on building.

Note Also: They could get labouring jobs with the construction firms building the housing? Almost D.I.Y. to a preset design and standard.

“The good earth swallows up the sea,

swallows life as well,

from long before the day your born,

’til heaven comes or hell.” Johnnie Cash for one.

Just needs organised procedures, and positive thinking.


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