Rap Music Really Is Crap

Rap Music Really Is Crap:

I’m reading a book just now called ‘The People Of The Sun‘ by Walton Golightly.

It is very unlikely I will finish this book, because ‘the old earth will be forgotten and there will be a new earth.” Those ways of living should be forgotten. Dead and buried for the good of everyone.

There is nothing wrong with the book. It is a historical novel about the Zulu race. My problem is it’s about a culture which should not be remembered. People dispersed throughout the world from Adam and Eve, or Noah eventually, and they did not take the law with them. Or if they did they lost it within a few generations. It has had to catch them up.

This book is about people who lived without God. Then without Christ.

This is rap music. This is people who want to go back to that way of life. Having no laws, only the survival of the fittest. This is what is eroding our laws of decency. Eroding God’s laws. It is a world of the young and the fit. It is a world where their elders are afraid to correct them. It is a world where old age cannot survive without cowering away in silence. Terrified. I see it happening in the case of muslims as well.

It is happening on our streets in the U.K. It is happening everywhere.

Rap music is for ignorant jungle dwellers, and should never be allowed on radio, or played in public.

Sorry Walton Golightly, but your books are glorifying an evil society that we could well do without now. Do not encourage them to go back to it.  History is not always a good thing, except to learn from the mistakes that were made. One man and his work was more than the entire heathen African race. Including Zulus. One man.

His name was Cecil Rhodes. Now you want to undo his Godly work. As do the radio stations who play the crap.


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