My Elgin BIDS Form

My Elgin BIDS Form: (Elgin Bids)

We are stupidly asked to nominate people who work in their shops.

Well here is my hit list of people who I want to see removed. Smiling killers.

Alana – Starbucks

Lewis Iveta – Costa – Poisons

Ruth – Costa – Poisons

Hamish – Tesco ( A very bad man indeed)

Karen – Elgin Library

Hilary – Elgin Library

Jane – Elgin Library

Janice – Elgin Library

Jennifer – Elgin Library

Fat Fiona – Elgin Library

Julia – Elgin Library

Manager – Saint Giles Centre

These people, mostly gays and lesbians or their supporters, use any means they can to kill Christians. Poisons, false accusations Etc.

They also deliberately drive people to suicide. Thousands a year.

They ignore the thousands of dying children in hospitals with nothing wrong with them, but having a parent they don’t like. Or were speaking out about abuse.

Their government have supported their means for centuries, and will eventually commit suicide themselves.

Now get rid of them, and back off my music.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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