Gambling – A Brief Study Of

Gambling – A Brief Study Of:

All gambling is fixed. No matter what the venue. All sport is fixed by the BBC worldwide.

You only have to see the examples.

Virginia Wade won Wimbledon 1977? Not a chance. She was given a few minor tournaments that year to disprove the theory, and handed Wimbledon because it was the Queens Jubilee year. A ten year old could have beaten her.

A no hoper who was due to retire did not win the U.S. open this year. The Pope was coming to Washington, and so , , , , Italian won.

Every team that has ever won the soccer world cup has failed in the early stages. Think of what would happen if they didn’t. The bookies would be wiped out. All the betting would be on what should be the stronger team. They have to appear to struggle so fools start to believe in miracles that are not going to happen.

It is all fixed. Including Rugby. Don’t be fooled. And remember the result is always decided according to the betting nearing the end. Match / Tournament.


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