Strange Experience Last Night

Strange Experience Last Night: Pure coincidence

I was watching the ‘Green Zone’ with Matt Damon.

Near the end he says “Do you understand what you have done? No-one will trust Americans ever again.”

At the same time. In my other ear I was listening to Radio 4 news at 10 pm. About the leaders meeting in the U.S. So in one ear I had Mat saying that, and in the other ear I had an American (Could as easily have been a Britisher) saying that President Assad could not be allowed to continue as leader of Syria. Tallyho here we go.

You’d have to sync the sound to appropriate to be exactly as I heard them, and I don’t suppose you could, (Don’t think I could either) but it’s one of those things in life which is uncanny, to say the least.

Sorry Matt, but I’m with the Americans, though for different reasons. It’s really all about Israel and the rest.


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