Banned By Facebook

Banned By Facebook: We must discuss this socially. It is important.

They (Facebook) removed my post about Tesco’s selling methods costing me nearly £500 (Or More) for a DVD player worth around £20. Then Facebook banned me for it.

However: I doubt very much if that was their reason. Heathen muslims live by very different rules from us, and they have found power to impose those rules. There is no doubt that Facebook is theirs, and completely anti Christ, and anti Jewish. As is Tesco.

muslims kill you for mentioning Christ, yet people are still looking for the anti Christ. Heavens sakes.

In the past two weeks over three hundred new muslim faces have appeared on the streets of Moray, and the number grows every day. They leave the Channel tunnel one night, and are driving a new car next day, with a new job created for them. Oil money. Those numbers are joining thousands already here, and P.M. David Cameron and Co. are just pigging around. They let the situation get totally out of control. It is now controlled by people like Facebook monitors, who are causing shootings all over the west.

What is so hard about a simple law making a Single Christian Church nation. Apart from Facebook getting in the way.

White niggers are the real problem. They just shrug and say it’s no problem. They would. They are black muslims as well.

It was the local Mosque Imam living in Garmouth (From Sierra Leone) who put poison on my legs. He’s lived here for over fifty years and denied he was a muslim all the time. You want to be led by a compulsive liar, who is little more than a child idiot, you really are pushing the luck of your nation. Interestingly I tried to post this a few days ago by Tesco phone and it was blocked. They read it though

They are importing illegal guns also. Police report.

This was not to be my post for today. I got my new travel pass, and the phone number was one number out. Just lets you see bus drivers need to improve their writing and communication skills. (Wouldn’t care but, I keep the proper number on my phone, as I use it all the time. (Government))

Note: My comments below about closing Eton college Etc. came from the Scottish Daily Mail. Lady columnist – Same day. She has a point. Though she was referring to other uni’s.


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