Fishy Stories

Fishy Stories:

Inverness today, and the now Asian owned Fish and Chip shops are advertising fish and chips with Cod in the posters. They have taken all our chip shops over. A Local fish and chip shop owner sold out to them recently because they couldn’t buy Cod in large enough quantities. Just told me the problem a few months ago. Makes a big difference.

muslim Filipinos are our north sea fishermen now, and if they make the boat owners a big enough offer they’ll sell.

They had the power to pull this off you know. They are our fisheries commission. (And our N.H.S.) Same with steel Etc. Again it’s the white muslims who have set it up.

Richard Lochhead don’t let this happen. Feed them to the fish if you have to Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I tell you Richard I’m sick enough of them to try it. Leave it to you though.


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