Television’s Bad Influence

Television’s Bad Influence:

Just how bad an influence is Television if God does consider it a curse as in Zechariah 5:- ?

I would have to say that it has totally undermined his law in every house on earth, and is a definite curse. There is nothing decent they have not changed or cancelled out. The influence is not in every programme, but it is in so much that it probably will be closed out entirely on Christ’s return. He does not need it?

I could go into details, but there is too much to cover in a short piece. Just think of the arguments of evolution versus creation alone. Television promotes evolution because it allows them to be gay or into bestiality, which is common here, and that is just the tip of the problem. Multi culture is forbidden in the Bible, but they sell it for profit. Leaving one hell of a mess for God to tidy on judgement day.

If I’m boring you doing this, my job as assigned by Christ himself, then consider how much the media bores me. They win on that one hands down.

I’ve been watching DVD’s but few are a good influence, and all appear on TV eventually.

So my music and videos are better than you think, but you think what the media wants you to think.


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