We’re Getting Ready

We’re Getting Ready: For the end.

It’s looking good God. They’re lining up to surround Israel, and receive the hiding of forever for backing losers such as muslims.

I watched a DVD last night with Mel Gibson. Fine performances all round. I’d be making music if I were able to God. Hint. There was a cracking Scottish song in that film as well. Called?

We were soldiers once , , , , , and young‘. The true story of the first real battle in Vietnam. 1965. The battle where a battalion (of just over 400 men with the pilots) was sent in against 3,000 odd Vietnamese in order to lose, but they won, albeit at great cost, thereby to justify having the ensuing war. I’d probably have done the same without God to guide me. God is good at wars, and probably he was involved.  ‘Wars and rumours of wars. These things are necessary.’

As the guy said “Hear our prayers Lord, but the opposition will be praying too, so ignore their heathen prayers, and look after us Christians.”

Amen to that Mel.

Note: Should Palestine have it’s own state? Would they leave Israel alone? Only when they are as Jews through Christ. President Putin means well, but is too soon.


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