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I’ve Added A Pay Pal Donate Button

I’ve Added A Pay Pal Donate Button: Only problem is I don’t know how I did it. ??? Oh well it’s there.   Advertisements

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Film ‘Child Of God’ (Strictly 18)

Film ‘Child Of God’ (Strictly 18) Film ‘Child Of God’ James Franco, Scott Haze. (Strictly 18) (Poundland) Contains scenes of necrophilia. Sex with the dead is the world of the Bible Johns and Robert Blacks of this world. It is … Continue reading

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Lest We Forget What Decency Is

The Ten Commandments You shall have none other Gods but me. You shall not make any graven images, or bow down to such. Etc., Because God says he is a jealous God. You shall not take God’s name in vain. … Continue reading

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I Have Never Been Allowed Love

I Have Never Been Allowed Love: For a great many reasons I was always excluded from romance. Even forcibly sometimes. Now most of those former reasons no longer apply, apparently, but my ill health is such that it would kill … Continue reading

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Taxes To Pay?

Romans 13:6 “This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing.” Not only this, but you’ve me to keep. ‘Serves you all right,’ God says.

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Dear Australia

Dear Australia: Let me tell you a true story, and while I’m on the subject I’ll tell the rest of the world if they want to listen. Once upon a time there was a son of God named Yeshua (Jesus) Christ. The … Continue reading

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Europe’s Gays And Lesbians Bombed Russian Plane

Europe’s Gays And Lesbians Bombed Russian Plane: It is a fact that poofs have no moral substance, and will stop at nothing to get their own way, including bringing down planes. If not directly, as in that Russian plane crash, … Continue reading

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Film ‘Sahara’

Film ‘Sahara’: £1 from Poundland. Sahara Based on the book by Clive Cussler, which I’ve read, this movie is worth a look just for the beautiful colours in the desert scenes. Same with the water scenes. Desert and water so … Continue reading

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