Dear Australia

Dear Australia:

Let me tell you a true story, and while I’m on the subject I’ll tell the rest of the world if they want to listen.

Once upon a time there was a son of God named Yeshua (Jesus) Christ. The only begotten son of the one true God in Heaven. He was born on the 25th December, by our modern calendars. The time of year we now call Christ – mas(s). (Christmas)

This Christ fellow preached a good story to us none Jews about God, and laws, and how to enter his father’s kingdom by becoming as Jews, even if we were not born Jews, and a lot of other good things as well. He was an excellent preacher. In fact he was so good he convinced many of us that what he was saying was correct.

We became Christians, and as Christians we celebrate his birth at Christmas, 25th December, every year. We spend a lot of money in our high street shops. Our high street shops really like Christmas time, because most of them would never survive without the extra income it provides. In fact, Australia, if you really want to know why the third world nations are poor, and have very few shops it’s because they don’t celebrate Christ’s birth in December every year. The most they can manage is scrabbling around a market place for the basic essentials of life. That’s for the whole year. Not just Christmas. You see, Australia, that is what will happen to you, and any other nation which bans Christmas. You will struggle to survive economically. Your shops will fold, and your people will die in the struggle to survive.

Alas though, my good friend Yeshua Christ was betrayed, and sentenced to death. Funnily enough he was crucified, and of course resurrected again, at the time of year we now celebrate with great gusto and much consumption of chocolate eggs and a lot of other artefacts we require to purchase from our shops. It was Easter. Yes that other money spinning time for our shops, and our economy.

Of course you want to ban Easter as well. So determined you are to become a third world nation without shops or even an economy. You may as well say you want to ban living, because to ban the hand that feeds you is exactly the same thing.

End of story

P.S. The nation which believes most in Christ, though they don’t think so themselves, is China, because without him they’d have nothing.


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