I Have Never Been Allowed Love

I Have Never Been Allowed Love:

For a great many reasons I was always excluded from romance. Even forcibly sometimes. Now most of those former reasons no longer apply, apparently, but my ill health is such that it would kill anyone who lays a finger on me now. That has been the case for decades.

A man put his finger on my neck in Starbucks today in fact, fixing my jacket collar, and he now needs to take care, because even touching me can lead to death. Probably will. I try to tell them, but , , , ,

Anyway: I had to laugh at the old fat black one, whom no man would ever consider marrying. She decided that I would be ideal, and access to the family firm would help, but only if I remained cripple, and therefore manageable. So she petitioned her mosque to keep me this way.

Needless to say she hasn’t got a lot going for her. She, of course, will never marry get married.

I put a new song on YouTube today called ‘No Road’. It is on the playlist of ‘Doorway To Heaven’ on my ‘Gdicm Videos Etc’ page above. which is just miscellaneous Gdicm tracks. The song was first on the internet years ago with a different arrangement, which I did not keep, and it partly explains my upbringing and health dilemma. It also explains why you should not build on a flood plain.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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