The Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire:

Still the enemies of God, Christians and Jews today. No more than before, and no less either, except it’s spread, using oil money, to be a worldwide thorn in the side of decency.

It would never matter if theirs was the best religious doctrine in the universe. Better even than God’s. God will never accept them. Even if they improved on his doctrine, he will never accept them. His position has been made very plain indeed. Israel are his chosen people. Arabs persecute them daily, and therefore Arabs must change religions. His wrath is kindled, and he’s the Big Boss.

The Arabs just won’t accept that. They refuse to heed his instructions, and turned themselves against him. Their self belief is a delusion on a grand scale. “He will put in their hearts to believe a lie.” I suppose we should think that’s how much he dislikes them.

Their religion is taken from the Holy Scriptures, and turned by them into a farce of  a religion for the good only of Arabs. Their religion is not all bad, but their use of it is. Extremely bad.

Yeshua Christ for ever. Amen

The Ottoman Empire


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