Take OPEC For Everything They Have

Take OPEC For Everything They Have: (There is nothing in this for me. Not applicable)

They cannot be allowed to continue to use their oil money to bully, and even kill,  us.

Time and again white people say to me, and others, that they did not discover their spouse was black until after their marriage.

Now I don’t care if the marriage turns out to be apparently a happy one. This does not matter, and not even for consideration.

I would never marry a black woman. That has always been my stance, and always will be. That is a Bible rule, and I would not break it, but that’s not what this post is about either.

The power to fool people in this giant way requires the power of money, and that money comes from OPEC. It is up to the governments of the world to take OPEC to court and strip them of every dollar they have over this. (And over many other such injustices)

They should be left with nothing, and I mean nothing. The crimes they finance are far and beyond human decency. Vile and evil in fact.

Also:Do not listen to any person/s who say/s it is right these things that are done. Money, again, will be the loudest. If not ignorance in itself.

However: It’s up to you.


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