Machine Gun Preacher (15)

Machine Gun Preacher (15):

I could not have chosen a better film for Christmas day. (The Lord works in mysterious ways) Every leader of a Christian nation, and their governments, should watch it, and learn where all the problems on earth are stemming from. Babylon and the Muslim false faith.

Although I knew nothing about the film until this afternoon, this film spells out the meaning of Christianity today, and the future, to perfection.

It is a true story with Gerard Butler playing the part of Sam Childers. Even if it were not a true story, it would still be a true story.

A Time To Kill:

Ecclesiastes 3:3  ‘A time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build’

Sam Childers, the ‘Machine Gun Preacher,’  fights fire with fire to protect himself and the children in his care in an African state. Protecting them from the evil that is called the Muslim faith. The same false faith that thinks it has the right to kill every Christian and Jew anywhere on the planet, including using our N.H.S. for the purpose, and take over the planet for Lucifer. Mr Childers is shown at the end of the film, in person, still there in the Sudan.  Still fighting for the children, though I’m not sure he understands the extent of what he is up against. (He also has a Church in the U.S., which his wife runs while he’s away)

I would not have posted this post if it were not for the perfect Christmas message in the film. The message being the problem. The Bible gives world leaders the solution, and it’s the only solution. It is up to them to understand the extent of the evil, and to deal with it once and for all. A thousand years of bliss. Please give us peace for heavens sake.

God Bless the Childers Family.


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