Flood Plains In History

Flood Plains In History:

It is only fairly recently that builders began building on flood plains in the U.K. Probably elsewhere also?

I know of few cases before the 1960’s.

You might look at buildings that were there before and think I’m wrong, but they were the necessary exceptions.

For Example: Meal mills. The older woollen or textile mills. Timber saw mills. Industrial workshops. Etc.

Those buildings were built under the understanding that they would probably flood. It was a well considered hazard, which was well catered for. In almost every case the buildings were firstly used with the machinery on the first floor. Of course in time the ground floors were also used, until the rains came and reminded them.

Why Were They Built There?: They used water power. (Wheels) Simple as that. They had to be there.

Therefore: They are much to blame, although not deliberately, for people wrongly building there today. Many of  those old buildings were converted into housing when they became redundant through the introduction of steam, and then electricity. Old warehouses, even Old Mills. Farmers, for example,  have been known to turn them into housing for their employees.

People looked at those buildings and thought ‘Good enough for the goose , , , ,’ and then  they made a big mistake, and built there also.

God knows even the cost of lost vehicles alone in these recent floods could well exceed one billion pounds. (Less Scrap Value)

And: Yes I have studied the history.

No Road

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