Example: Water Wheels In Elgin’s Past

Example: Water Wheels In Elgin’s Past:

There were several water driven businesses along the river Lossie in Elgin itself.  Morayshire, Scotland.

The old Meal Mill, Old Mill Road. Closed in the 1960’s, but still there. Privately owned now, but was a council run visitor centre, and did run for demonstration purposes. Even ground flour. Flooded again. Properties were built nearby, and if they get flooded, it serves them right.

The two textile Mills. Johnstons Kashmir and visitor centre. Still there and working. Well worth a visit. It has been totally flooded in recent times, with marked signs proudly displayed on the walls, to prove it.

The other textile mill is now a D.I.Y. Superstore, and Garden Centre. Good restaurant.

The Kings Mill. It was converted to a pub, (The Kings Mill) but suffered flooding, and closed. Did it ever reopen? It was a timber yard and saw mill until ‘fairly recently’. Originally water powered. When it closed, houses were built over the yard, and now flood often. They should never have been built.

The old gas works were moved to Ashgrove Road. (but since demolished again) It was by the river, and recently walls were uncovered to clean the soil of toxins.

The Brewery. It was against the East Cathedral wall. Now landscaped. Gone since the 1920’s.

Places like these get misunderstood in time, and people think it right to build around them. Fine – in dry seasons.

This is typical of everywhere.

Have I missed any?



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