The Greatest Treasure Ever On Earth

The Greatest Treasure Ever On Earth:

A treasure so great that it could be of no use to a single person if he owned it. A treasure that would be of no use to a single nation if they kept it to themselves. A treasure so great that if found it would bring peace to the planet. A treasure so important that God killed a man just for touching it. A treasure that could well still exist to this day. A treasure greater than any man made object or structure.

What is it?

It is the ‘Ark Of The Covenant’. Containing the stones given to Moses by the Lord God himself. ‘The Ten Commandments’. And perhaps more.

Discuss it. Discuss how the stones are proof of God’s words, and his enduring love for his people Israel. Discuss the possibility that it still exists. Put beyond doubt God’s intentions toward the human race. Discuss the enormity of finding it, and the impact it would have on all the nations. Discuss how our leaders would have to back down on so many laws and issues they have invented themselves. Issues that are against God’s words. Discuss how false religions could never survive such an impact of truth.

Discuss how perfect world peace would be inevitable. Who could argue with the actual words of God? Discuss how every year would then be a happy one.

Happy New Year.


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