‘Tame The West’ Barack Obama Says

‘Tame The West’ Barack Obama Says:

At least he admits it has never been tamed.

There is folklore, and folk songs, folk museums, and grave yards full of folk, and tales of those folk who have tried, and failed, to tame the west.

To tame the west President Obama, you must close down stodge city, Hollywood. You must also close down Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and all the world’s media.

Think you can handle this Barack’ Wyatt Earp’ Obama?

Don’t worry, myself and Yeshua Christ, have it all in hand. Yes, I have been instructed by him.

Taming the west requires the compulsory teaching of God’s policies as written in the Holy Bible to every child from birth. Taming the planet requires this also.

Donate to the rebuilding of Elgin Cathedral, and let’s get it started Barack. Nothing else can tame people.

P.S. I was banned from Facebook for not complying with their heathen policies. I comply only with the Holy Scriptures and the words of God. Not with the Facebook gun (g) ho ways of their wild west. This post will probably mean a permanent ban, but remember this. I am old, and educated in the ways of the Lord, and they are not.

P.P.S. I knew David Bowie personally. He was a great guy, but his music was never in my league overall. In my opinion his lyrics were childish rubbish. Facebook would have loved those.


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