Accident And Emergency Units

Accident And Emergency Units:

This post applies in the U.K. only.

Why are people left lying on trolleys in accident and emergency units, for hours, even days, and then sent home with some pain killers or something?

I found out about this many years ago from a young doctor in Elgin A&E. Surrounded by other staff, including another doctor, he (They) explained perfectly.

I am banned from all muslim (all) dentists and doctors surgeries. I went to the local A&E department and showed them my legs. This is what he (they) said.

“We could dress the legs this once, but only once, even though we should not, as you are not an emergency. We cannot issue prescriptions to patients. We can only send them home with enough medication to last three working days, during which time they should contact their own doctor. We could admit you to a medical ward, but after two to three days they’d discharge you, because you’re not an emergency, and they would then hand you enough medication for three working days, during which time you would have to contact your general practitioner. Giving you six days antibiotics at most, and we all agree you require at least six months supply. Sorry, but we can’t help, the law forbids us”.

That was many years ago.

Note: The law forbids them making out prescriptions. Or treating none accidents or emergencies. You could lie on their trolleys, and in their corridors for ever, but the government laws forbid them treating you if they can’t admit you to a hospital ward. You can ask any A&E doctor, senior staff, or even ambulance staff, and they will tell you the same as is written here. It’s the law.

It is rather obvious that the press, and all media, are not acquainted with the laws of Britain. I have spelt this out many times on previous web pages. Long since removed. Funnily. one way around this deliberate government loophole is to admit the patient to a mental institution (or other) where they can be kept for months, or even years. I suspect they do this a lot. They have their own medical doctors who can write prescriptions Etc.

If perchance the government closed the loophole, you can be sure that muslims would step into the breach instantly, and you would still not get treatment. They hold the prescription pads, and no way will they treat us with them.

Maybe we will see a day when they are brought to heel, and we can all live long healthy lives.

It’s like the media, and even the P.C. magazines telling you windows ten can be downloaded and installed in minutes. Microsoft never said that. It takes time. The media just prattle on without knowledge.


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