Can You Spot A Muslim By Their Nose?

Can You Spot A Muslim By Their Nose?:

They have that beak of a nose that I find totally repulsive. Spot them on T.V. Even in films. Tom Cruise? White, black makes no difference, and like the whitened one I just watched on BBC they undermine our society with comments aimed to allow others in.

‘What the papers say’. She was upset because another newspaper guy said Immigrants are here to take us over and are ALL terrorists. She being one of them we should call for her to be deported regardless of where she was born. Deport her great grandparents as well. She is not entitled to an opinion. She may fool the rest of you into believing she’s white and not muslim, but not me.

I watched The last train to Nepal, (BBCi) and you would bring that multi heathen culture and lawless way of life here, and allow them to run our Christian world like that?

You’re off your heads to stand for that.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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