Film: ‘Water World’ Kevin Costner

Film: ‘Water World’ Kevin Costner:

Firstly: Donald Trump and I are not conspiring on this.

The society/s in Water World are identical to India in that documentary I watched last night on BBCi. Lawless.

Why?: No religion derived of the Holy scriptures. Bible.

They come to the west and thrive, providing they are under OUR Christian laws. If they outnumber us without being forced to become as Jews through Christ they will show their true beliefs, which is dog eat dog, and to hell with rules that keep insane ways at bay. You will live lawless like they do in secret now.

Muhammad was not just a bad influence. He was totally insane. As Buddha was also. Hindu, Sikh,  totally without care for anything.

There is so much more to religion. Including running businesses properly. The labourer is worthy of their wages. The apprentice (Slave) serves his apprenticeship. Thousand of rules you are fast forgetting as you become more and more lawless heathens.

muslims etc. are only welcome in the west as Jews through Christ. Otherwise they are going to kill you. Deliberately or by sheer ignorance.

Saint Peter has been trusted with the Job of feeding Jews and Christians, and keeping us clothed Etc. How the hell could he do that in those nations without Christ? Impossible. They live off us. Give the good men a chance, and the bad men destroy it.

And pay your fares. How can your railways, industries, create jobs if you steal. That is why you are poor.


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