Our New Facebook Business

Our New Facebook Business: (My Friends)

And Facebook themselves are allowed to contribute. We all,  Including Facebook for their facilities, expect a small reward each. I’ll get that in first.

The business:

A small number of people are holding huge sums of the planets resources. Including $Billions each.

Our business is to make suggestions. Only suggestions, which the super rich can take or leave, and for which we will not be held responsible if it all goes wrong for them.

There are very few new ideas coming forward now, for them to put money into, for the good of everyone on the planet.

Keep a note of your suggestions, you might have suggested a large salary for hundreds of millions of presently very poor people. Worth a bit of praise for you at the very least.

Though a Single Church and the discipline it would bring is by far the best cure.


About gdicm

At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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