Cancer Cure – But I Need £Millions For Research

Cancer Cure – But I Need £Millions For Research: (See Previous Post First)

We (Note. ‘We’) must conduct experiments and establish why boiling water in various kettles and by various means can make us feel so different.

Open fires. Stoves. Gas, Electric kettles. Electric Hobs. Microwaves. (Stove would be my choice if I’d money)

Boiling kettles of aluminium. Steel. Plastic. Others. (The bill is going up – you should give generously)

Tea pots of various types. (What’s a tea-pot? Should I own one?)

Ed says: “The funny thing is you might be right Gordon. It might be the cure.”

Gordon says: “You mean how water is boiled and used may be the cause of Cancer?”

Ed suggests: “Could be. There is certainly plenty of variety at the moment, and some methods suck, and obviously kill.”

Gordon says: “And Cafes and Restaurants are obliged to clean before nearly every serving, and that could be killing people?”

Ed says: “We need help from Universities. After all they waste money on worse.”

Gordon says: “Grrrrrrrrr Ed. You’ve just talked my readers out of donating for this. Universities are too PURE and in bred to understand this though Ed.”

Ed says: “You still have a Church to build. Not to mention a proper religious society. They can support that instead.”


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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