Your Kettle Boils You Health?

Your Kettle Boils You Health?:

I made a fantastic discovery tonight. I went to Inverness yesterday, came home and boiled water in the microwave, as us single people are prone to do.

Instead of using it, I drank juice, had a meal, and went to bed.

Got up later and found my mug in the microwave, and boiled it again. Guess what? It tasted better.


Maybe that Irish fellow who sings about ‘always a kettle on the boil’ none stop, has a point. Think about it. How many times do people just top up their kettle without rinsing it? Even when they do, the first boiling and cooling and it’s back to perfection. Anti bacterial? Maybe when they say ‘you must boil the water,’ they should say ‘you should boil the water twice, at least.’ when it’s a little brown, but maybe we should anyway.

See when you visit older people who keep the kettle on the boil constantly, and feel better after a cup of their tea. Is this the reason.

I have a kettle, but never use it. I wonder??


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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