Be Like A Cuttlefish

Be Like A Cuttlefish:

Back page of ‘Awake’ this month. The Jehovah’s Witnesses pamphlet.

Cuttlefish can change their colour.

There is a man in Elgin, or Inverness, I’m not sure where now, who could show you how to change your skin colour on a permanent basis. And even change it again if you wish. Change it, then change it back.

Should he decide to do so, and it’s up to him at present, it will literally turn the earth upside down. People who have used creams unnecessarily for generations will simply die from the shame. It’s so simple. How do I know? I told him.

I took it from the Holy Bible years ago, and had quite forgotten. Seems like many lifetimes ago now.

Up to you sir, but certainly profitable for you.


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