Refugee Camps

Refugee Camps:

I think this well organised one is in Kenya? No matter.

Years ago I told Tesco, Elgin (Dick, his name. Now retired) about a need perhaps for portable shops delivered and used on site, but taken away for replenishing. Not free. Subsidised ration books perhaps, but not free.

Always some on site, and some in transit, for filling. Same with medical facilities.

Refugee camps are a perfect example of a need. The U.K. might need them some day.

House Syria Refugee CampThis camp, picture courtesy of the BBC, is in Kenya I think, and looks well organised, but makes the point. The BBC picture above could have been my new house in Syria. Grrrrrrrr

I’d be tempted to leave them on the lorry trailers with secure ramps connecting. A complete supermarket. Some camps have 80,00 hungry people in them. Maybe more.


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