New Trains – By Gdicm Part 2.

New Trains – By Gdicm Part 2.:

I’ll probably turn these posts into a single page later. I was thinking about subsidised air and ferry travel to our Islands. How often I’ve heard people from the Hebrides for example saying they get free air travel to hospital on the mainland, and it includes a nights bed and breakfast. Compare this to  someone having to pay 10,000 pounds for a train commute ticket in England.

Anyway: The train driving wheels should double as the disc brakes, and that way only one single drive shaft is needed. Though four wheel drive sounds better. Hydraulic locking axles for rail travel. Easy enough.

String a few together and call them a train. These would eventually replace trains as you know them, but apart from being cheaper travel, and much more flexible the rail staff, who would run them, would know little difference, except they’d have to be bus drivers also.

The expense of rail travel is beyond most people, and they resent it. Not to mention the extra travel to and from the too few stations, with added expense.

I have to say this would work better on large continents?

To be continued – — by you.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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