New Trains – By Gdicm Part 4.

New Trains – By Gdicm Part  4.:

Just a few of the benefits:

One of the major problems for heavy industry now is moving the raw materials. It is a fact that they once were moved by trains, but it became cheaper to move them by lorry. Quarried or mined ores. Timber. Now the lorries have to pass through small villages and communities that were not there before and, well they cause so much havoc that they’ve very often been stopped. More often than not, because the damage they do is tremendous.

Getting on and off a rail track could not be simpler for train lorries / buses. No need to reopen old stations. The passengers being already on the bus for example. Just a slip line with points for the bus. Anywhere as approved.

No need for stations at all eventually.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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