I’ve been meaning to write this for some time, but always seemed to have other things on my mind. Brought to mind again by Billy today.

Autopsies are Lucifer’s way of making sure no one is resurrected in body, as was Christ and his immediate followers. Cut to bits means a  body is knackered, and must await judgement day?

Never has an autopsy taught any required lessons. Never has a criminal case been proved by one. Despite what they say. Autopsies are against all religion, and God’s words.

As for the heathen practice of wiring jaws. Do you not believe that life can continue? Because you go to a lot of effort to prevent it, that’s for sure. Or are you afraid they’ll speak about what you did to them? I suggest you read what happened to Christ after his crucifixion, and understand it. Could I have met him, or Saint Peter and others, if they’d remained in their graves? No.

Lucifer is an evil  little c*nt and that is all you need to know.


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