New Trains By Gdicm Part 5.

New Trains By Gdicm Part 5.:

This is not an addition to the New Trains page above. This part 5. is only an observation I thought you may like to think about. In Scotland our Forth road bridge is currently only usable by a lorry every thirty seconds in one direction in the middle of the night. It is policed to avoid overloading the weakened metal structure. Reported as being used by only 100 lorries a night at the moment. Normally 700.

How many bus / train lorries would use a section of rail track at a time? A line of 100 would not be too many? Bearing in mind a line of lorries / buses can get off the line and use a park to clear the line, and just get back on again. Or not as they desire. Joining or leaving all the way. Such a line getting nowhere fast is common on our roads.

Time scheduled, even on a single track, the line would be better utilised than at present. Even I could work out the timings, providing the line of vehicles were kept to minimum (First in line) maximum (Last in the line) time.

Compulsory shunts may be required some times, but very seldom. Buffers or tow chains? Both? A little like compulsory help from the nearest vessels at sea.

Just think of the complete flexibility.


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