National Borders Are Necessary?

National Borders Are Necessary?:

National borders are in the news a lot at the moment. Every bulletin almost.

A long time ago God confounded the words of the Peoples of the earth, or wherever. He thought it necessary to create different languages, and thereby different nations, with different identities, but still under his laws.

Even as I write this, a report about Donald Trump and the Pope’s comment is on BBCi News playing in my ears. Borders the subject.

To be fair to Donald Trump there has long been a border between America and Mexico, and it is, supposedly, strictly patrolled to prevent illegal entry into the U.S. He is only saying he’d like this to be true, as opposed to pretend. There is a fence, but of little use apparently. Hence the wall he speaks of. He is just proposing putting in place what is supposed to be already there. On the other hand the Pope was verbally encouraging law breaking illegal entry. That means here also we must believe. America faces the same problem we face in Europe, and that is the illegal immigrants of yesteryear have found their way into every powerful position in our lands. The result is that they only pretend to stop illegal immigrants, whilst ushering their cousins in. In our case, muslims.

(One example is environmental health. I notice that immigrants who can barely speak English are set up in fast food retail shops, which they run as if they are still in their own nations that they left only recently. There is one in Inverness, which if you were running it, in it’s current filthy state, would see you imprisoned for seriously risking people’s health. Their cousin must be in charge of Highland environmental health)

Yes. Borders: Borders should keep criminals out. Mexico being a good example actually. Why would a law-abiding person need to leave Mexico and live illegally in America? Or should they take a lesson from European Christians migrating legally for better working prospects. We should not penalise them. We should only ensure they are legal, and Christian. I remind you that Poland is 90% Christian, and so are most European nations. Gays, Lesbians and organised criminals  would like to change that for their own selfish reasons, but we must not let them. They are the only one’s openly encouraging the muslim faith to fulfil the Koran doctrine for taking over the entire earth. muslims won’t touch them unless they have total control, because they are doing them a great service at present, but then they’d hang them pronto quick.

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