Jimmy Saville And The N.H.S.

Jimmy Saville And The N.H.S.:

If you believe that Jimmy Saville was an exceptionally serious sex offender, then think again. Compared to some people in Morayshire he was only a beginner. I have named several here  who have been abusing hundreds of children in an organised manner for decades.

They use Churches, abbeys, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, visitor attractions, caravan clubs, private houses, you name it they use it as an organised  venue for systematic abuse. Anywhere they can find, or take, children and be unseen.

There are plenty of people who have been abused who could speak out, but they have known of people who tried and died for the attempt. The N.H.S. simply roles into action and snuffs all complainers, dead. It’s a continuous chain of death.

That is if they can outwit the police force in the first place, and find a sympathetic ear to listen to them. Who would you speak to in Morayshire, just as one example? Don’t even think about it, because somewhere along the official line of complaint an ear with a lot to lose if you’re successful will be listening, and your life is going to be short. Our hospitals are nothing but killing houses staffed by very willing killers.

There is only one way to stop this, and it is a compulsory Christian Church. Any muslims who object should have their evil koran rammed up their arses and then deported, because they are indeed the cause of the problem, and many more problems on planet earth besides. That pretend holy attitude they carry is death to you. Abusers love your multi cultural society. It hides them from God’s laws.


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