Evil T.V.

Evil T.V.:

If ever there has been evil on this planet, there is none more evil than Coronation Street. Creator and supporter of a world of sin beyond belief. Not beyond imagination though. Imagining created it. Created real life of sin from fiction. A world of gays, and thieves, and killers, and lawless heathens who walk the streets every day now, but would never have been allowed to before Coronation Street was invented by a self confessed poof. They walk the streets empty of good people, because we’re all dead or dying.

The harm it has done to myself is bad enough, but multiply this millions and millions of times, and then count the dead it has crushed, and you begin to see the harm such  programmes do. Thank God for the resurrection.

Vice and crime is it’s main stay. Never mind what it portrays as being right. Never mind what it portrays as being wrong. Just watch it with others and you will hear the diversity of evil minds it has inspired. A thief is a thief on the thiefs side. A whore a whore on the whore’s side. A lawless person a lawless person. Ever sat in a crowd and watched a film where the police get shot? The lawless cheer. The police have given up.

The lawless cheer Coronation Street. I do not. Not in any way. God forbids me watching it now, and rightly so.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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