They Shall Set Neighbour Against Neighbour

They Shall Set Neighbour Against Neighbour:

White niggers stirring things.

I remember back in the 1980’s the woman in the other end house of our three had to continually call out the TV man to look at  her TV as it kept going off. Always five minutes from the end of a film or programme. She (Mrs Brodie) was a snooker fan, but rarely saw the end of a big match or programme, until, it was discovered that the woman in the middle house was pulling her plug from the communal Arial.

In fact it was me who discovered what she was doing when she tried it several times on me as well. Her son, the woman’s, put the connections behind a wall after that, and I got my own Arial.

My phone wires come in under that same middle house, and my broadband keeps going off. Now why would this be? New person/s, but with evil intent?

No such thing as proven innocent, until temptation is removed. Only then will I consider looking for another reason for it going off.

When neighbours kill neighbours, don’t blame them, blame the police and the councils, and the lack of a judicial Church with powers to investigate such things. Innocent or not? The element of doubt leans heavily towards a vigilante hanging, and just blame the world as it is.


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